One to One Printmaking Tutoring

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Printmaking Tutoring

One to one on any print process

Our Flexi-Card system provides you with the option to purchase a card for £150, which includes 5 hours of tuition. You can schedule your sessions at a time that suits you and will be charged £7.50 per hour for open access time and materials. As you continue to receive tuition, we will keep track of the time used and mark it off on your Flexi-Card.

All of the printmaking options listed on our website are available, and we would be glad to customize a course to meet your specific requirements.

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One to One Printmaking Tutoring

Stone & plate Lithography with  James Hill

The Stone (Limestone) and Zinc Plate Lithography course is perfect for both beginners and those with some prior knowledge. It provides a comprehensive introduction to this fascinating form of printmaking and is ideal for individuals who enjoy drawing and watercolors. The magic of lithography lies in its unlikely process, and the course requires a minimum of 2 days to complete.

Two days one to one tuition   £255