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Foundation Course in Printmaking

Flexible Printmaking Course  /  Personnel Development

Term-time courses in a variety of Printmaking techniques are provided during autumn, winter and spring. The aim is to give newcomers a basic competency in Printmaking, and assist those with some experience to develop and extend their range. The work is based around individual projects and will to a large extent be guided by what you want to achieve and the nature of your own project.

  • One class per week, either Saturday or Thursday
  • 10.30 am – 1 pm, over 7 or 10 weeks

Course costs

Option 1  10 weeks £250

This allows for more involved projects and are expected to attend all the sessions,this is a deal giving 1.5 sessions free compared to option 2

Option 2    7 weeks £200

This is the flexible choice  you may attend any seven of the  ten weeks.

These prices include all materials EXCEPT what you print with and print onto, e.g., etching plate and paper