Printmaking Courses

St Barnabas press has everything you need to create Original prints.

St Barnabas Press is one of the UK’s leading printmaking centres, offering printmaking courses to students of all levels. For over 28 years (est. 1993) we have offered both introductory and intermediate printmaking courses.

Our dedicated well-equipped, airy and sizeable printmaking studio is an ideal working area where students can develop their printmaking skills. St Barnabas is a friendly artists’ community, a place where many practising artists have their studios. It makes for a friendly working environment that is very conducive to the development of a student’s creativity.

Printmaking course. Foundation Course in Printmaking

We offer flexible mixed ability classes for novices and printmakers with some experience with techniques such as etching, screen printing, relief printing, and lithography being taught.

Throughout the autumn, winter and spring, during term-time, we offer courses in a variety of printmaking techniques; etching courses, screen printing courses, relief printing courses, and lithography courses. The aim is to give newcomers a basic competency in printmaking and help those with more experience to develop and extend their range. The work is based around individual projects and to a large extent, each is guided by what the student wants to achieve and the nature of your own project.

In our introductory Courses students explore the different printmaking techniques and broaden their knowledge and understanding of printmaking procedures with a particular focus on professional workshop practice.

Complementary to our printmaking courses, we offer the following:

  • Open access printmaking studio (Screen-printing, Relief printing, Lithography, etching,)
  • Studios and Gallery to rent
  • Courses in life drawing
  • Digital photography and film output
  • Large format Giclee / inkjet Printing
  • Framing and mounting services
  • Sale of fine cotton papers and handmade sketchbooks

One to one Printmaking courses tutoring

Our Flexi-Card system allows students to choose their timetable and free access to equipment and tutoring. Buy a £150 card for 5hrs tuition then arrange a time to come in. You are charged for the open-access time at £7.50 per hour plus materials. Then depending on how long we have been teaching you we cross off the time used on your Flexi-card. Read more

Give James a call to discuss your needs 07703442646

James hill has been creating original prints for over 40 years, and his wealth of experience is freely shared with all his students. There is not much that he has not done regarding digital printing and editioning in traditional methods. Please ring for an appointment or to have a consultation.

Printing services uk

We are pleased to offer large format Giclee/inkjet printing on fine papers, editioning services in etching, screen printing, lithography and relief printing for artists and galleries, both collaboratively and under contract.

Artist services

Art studio space for rent, gallery space for rent and open access printing equipment, and the bespoke framing department where you can have your prints framed, all make St Barnabas Press a hive of activity.

Printmaking Courses UK
Printmaking Courses UK