Summer Workshops

Summer Worshops

Printmaking Summer workshops 2019

Tuesday to Friday 6th to 9th July  /15th to 19th July

Wednesday to Sunday 3rd to 7th August /29th to 1st September

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During the week you can learn all of the processes below or select a specific process for as many days as you want within these 4 day blocks.

Intaglio: Etching, Collagraph and Dry Point, Solar plate,

Relief;  Linocut and Woodcut, Multi block or reduction method.

Lithography: Traditional stone and photo litho-plate

Screen-printing: On paper or T shirts , mono-printing.

Prices are inclusive of all materials

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printmaking courses near me
printmaking courses near me

Below are the option that you can choose to do , to help you decide the number of days, the courses are grouped  in to 1,2 and 3 day options , to give you an idea of time needed to do the level of printmaking you want to do .

Course options 1 Day
Courses start 10am finish 4pm

Cyanotype Photographic printing process

printmaking courses cambridge

First developed in the 1950’s, producing a painterly blue and white image from photographic negatives or drawn mark-making on tru-grain (a clear-grained film). A versatile solution for printing on both paper and natural fabrics

T-shirt printing

You will be making stencils and printing your own design onto T-shirts,with a maximum of three colours, creating bright, colourful and original designs for you to wear.  


printmaking courses in cambridge uk
printmaking courses in cambridge uk

Dry- point is a printing technique drawing directly onto a plate using a carbon steel point (dry-point needle) forming soft subtle lines, deep dark velvety lines (burrs) or energetic, aggressive lines making dry-point a characterful and expressive drawing medium.

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Salt & Copper Sulphate etching

Etching using salt and copper sulphate, a safer mordant that has proved very successful for etching into aluminium, making both line and tonal values without the use of aquatint. This is the only method for etching on aluminium that really works.


An introduction to traditional etching. You will learn how to use beeswax grounds (hard & soft), to draw and etch images on zinc plates, inking and wiping and paper preparation.

Course options 2 Day
Courses start 10am finish 4pm

Carborundum and Collagraphs


Create bold and expressive prints. On this course you will be sealing the surface of card with shellac, adding collage, cutting into the surface to create shapes or lines, adding texture (carborundum) and learning how to ink and print your images with subtle or bold colour.

Solar plate & Photo-etching

Photo-etching course using Hydra-coat zinc plate and solar plate, both being ideal for photographic and auto-graphic imagery; an added advantage of working with the Hydra-coat plate is that after exposure it can then be re-worked using conventional etching processes, where as the advantage of solar plate is it can hold an extremely high resolution.

Mono printing


This is a general mono-printing course using screen,etching and relief printing presses. This is a very productive course with an exciting roller coaster of possibilities.


On this course you will be taught reduction lino. Cutting into the surface using various tools, printing then cutting again repeating until the Lino has finished.We will also be taking this course further by showing you the technique of etching the surface of the Lino with caustic (sodium hydroxide) to create subtle and soft tones.

Course options 3-5 Day
Courses start 10am finish 4pm

Screen-printing using photo-stencils


Photo screen-printing offers many possibilities. The imagery can range from a photographic media scanned and separated using Photoshop to flat surfaces of pure colour, subtle charcoal, graphite drawings or soft watercolour wash marks. Making the possibilities endless with sophisticated results.

Reduction Woodcut printing and multi woodblock

On this course you will be learning reduction woodcut printing; A low cost highly accurate print process, you will learn how to use specialist cutting knives, and print with linseed oil based inks opaque and transparent to create brilliant or subtle hues of colour. It is all so possible to do a small multi block project. over this period, learning to transfer the images across several blocks , giving more versatility of proofing colours and editing    

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