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Printmaking foundation courses at St Barnabas Press

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The printmaking foundation courses are uploaded and ready to take your bookings.

photo at st barnabas press printing lino
Clive at work on a reduction lino print

The printmaking foundation courses will gives a grounding in all the different types of printing . these include Screen printing, Etching, Stone lithography, Relief printing .

More advanced photographic techniques; such as cyanotype, photo-gravure, and photo-screen printing are available to do. It will be possible to learn 3 types of printing out of the list above, over the 3 terms. You can do more, but in less detail!

The class starts with an over view of the different types of printing . If you are already acquainted with them , you will be doing preparation. Together we have a look at your inspiration and decide which area of printing would best suit your idea. later you will see other students doing interesting things that will help with what your next project will be. As everyone is doing different things, it makes for an interesting class.

Each term is enough time to learn one of the print processes to a competent level. leading to being able to use the facilities, when you want, as a member with open access. Putting what you have learned into practice.

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