Printmaking foundation courses at St Barnabas Press

The printmaking foundation courses are uploaded and ready to take your bookings. The printmaking foundation courses will gives a grounding in all the different types of printing . these include Screen printing, Etching, Stone lithography, Relief printing . More advanced photographic techniques; such as cyanotype, photo-gravure, and photo-screen printing are available to do. It will … Continue reading “Printmaking foundation courses at St Barnabas Press”

Foundation Course in Printmaking

Flexible Printmaking Course  /  Personnel Development Mixed ability classes for novices and printmakers with some experience Techniques available include etching, screen printing, relief printing, and lithography Term-time courses in a variety of Printmaking techniques are provided during autumn, winter and spring. The aim is to give newcomers a basic competency in Printmaking, and assist those … Continue reading “Foundation Course in Printmaking”

Intaglio printing

Etching  Etching, one of the oldest printing processes, is a form of intaglio printmaking. Intaglio (printing below the surface) images are printed from lines or pits in a metal plate which holds the ink when the surface is wiped clean. Book a Intaglio printmaking course here Under high pressure, in a mangle-type press, dampened paper … Continue reading “Intaglio printing”