Solar plate & Photo-etching

Photo-etching course using Hydra-coat zinc plate and solar plate, both being ideal for photographic and autographic imagery; an added advantage of working with the

Hydra-coat plate is that after exposure it can then be re-worked using conventional

 etching processes, where as the advantage of solar plate is it can hold an extremely

high resolution, and only requires water to develop.

Please see Summer Schho for dates & costs                  More info

Mono printing

Extremely popular (early signing up advisable).

This is a general mono-printing course using screen,etching and relief printing

presses. This is a very productive course with an exciting roller coaster of possibilities.

Please see Summer School for dates & costs      More info

Contact James Hill,Fiona Thomas  for email here

St Barnabas Press,Coldhams Road Cambridge CB1 3EW Telephone +44 (0)1223 413792  Mobile +44(0)7703442646     

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 Courses start 10am finish 4pm



On this course you will be taught reduction lino. Cutting into the surface using

various tools, printing then cutting again repeating until the Lino has finished.

John will also be taking this course further by showing you the technique of etching the surface of the Lino with caustic (sodium hydroxide) to create subtle and soft tones.

Please see Summer School for dates & costs  More info


Create bold and expressive prints. On this course you will be sealing the surface

of card with shellac, adding collage, cutting into the surface to create shapes or lines, adding texture (carborundum) and learning how to ink and print your images with subtle

or bold colour.

 Please see Summer School for dates & costs   More info

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