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Screen Printing using Photo Stencils

Photo  screen-printing offers many possibilities. The imagery can range from photographic media scanned and separated using Photoshop, to flat surfaces of pure colour, to bold charcoal and graphite drawings or soft subtle watercolour washes, making possibilities endless with sophisticated results.

The aim of this course is to learn as much about photo screenprinting in three intensive days as possible. Screen printing, sometimes referred to as silk screen or serigraphie, is widely used and is an extremely popular fine art print process. Computer technology has made scanning and separating images through Photoshop easier, but the use of positives made by autographic (hand drawn) marks using tru-grain ( a clear grained film) is still the most original way to make a print. Both of these techniques will be used on this course, also screen preparation, ultra violet light exposure and printing. An image with 4 - 6 colours is possible allowing us to complete an image ready for editioning.

Materials used on this course; Screens, Positives (for image), Tru-grain (a clear grained film) for hand drawn images,Photo sensitive emulsion (for coating screens), Photo sensitive film (for finer detail), Ultraviolet light (for exposure), Pressure washer and screen cleaning chemicals, Oil based screen inks, Fine art printing paper.

Fundamental screen printing methods covered;

Screen preparation Image preparation Setting up the screen bed Paper preparationScreen ink  preparation and printing

You will need protective clothing but gloves and other protection will be provided. Bring sketchbooks , inspiration , pencils any tools relevant to the course.


T-shirt Printing

You will be making stencils and printing your design onto T-shirts, with a maximum of three colours, creating bright, colourful and original designs for you to wear.

The aim of this course is to learn how to print onto T-shirts. Preparing screens and coating with a light sensitive emulsion, making a positive from a design using photo-shop,  exposing the image onto the screen through ultraviolet light, the ultraviolet light will penetrate through the lines on the positive (the image), then using water through a pressure washer will wash out, revealing lines to allow ink to be pushed through with a squeegee for printing.

Materials used on this course;


Screens (for printing)

Positive (for image)

Light sensitive emulsion (for image)

Pressure washer (for cleaning screens)

Ultraviolet light ( for screen exposure)

T-shirt printing bed

Spray mount (for holding T-shirt still)

Water-based screen inks (for printing

Fundamental screen printing methods;

Screen preparation

Image preparation

Blue filling screen and corrections

Paper preparation

Screen ink preparation

You will need protective clothing but gloves and other protection provided

Bring sketchbooks , inspiration , pencils any tools relevant to the course.

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